posted 10th Jan 2014

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10th Jan 2014, 6:39 PM


The bagel has been has been secured.

ok so todays page is up today because of Tylinn, another great artist from Comic Fury. Go check out some of Tylinn's other work like "the Holy Bibble", "Yestergirls", and "Hello Wandering Star".

So buisnessy talk time. sorry about the hiatus you dedicated readers have had to deal with, holidays can take quite a toll. Pens lost, spending money on present for many many kids and other general stuffins. Well now thats all over! Pens have been found and extras have been acquired, kiddies are good with toys and now ya sexy beasts the insanity can resume once more. stayed tuned for next week so you can find out what misfortunes are brought upon Ra.

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