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posted 6th Mar 2018

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6th Mar 2018, 10:57 AM


hey everyone so some bad news first my tablet of 8 years is finally caput Dx that wacom bamboo tablet was such an amazing tool. I'm really glad i found that tablet cause it allowed me to draw and stump my friends when we played league of legends and id be using that tablet instead of a mouse. infact ugh i think i kinda hate mouses for much computer work lol but imma be able to get a new one soon hopefully by my birthday in june and I'm going for one of the fancy ones thats a screen tablet. ill still try to post some random comics on here though they will be pencil sketched but this page needs some kinda comics until i can explode color on the screen with the crazy cast of "College munchies" I'm going to be trying to release some new works this year so stayed tuned for more news that'll mean you'll have more stories and content to read.

In the meantime follow me on my tumblr art blog where ill be posting a lot more of my drawings that aren't comic related and teasers and unfinished sketches of comics and new works.
Absolem the Lotus Eater

good news now: so i entered a contest but something was up with my format and i didn't qualify. major bummer, but you know what their loss your gain. sneak peak at the concept page for a miniakrc showcasing "chili weasel and the walrus" snippet of a bigger project but well i am a mad man xD

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