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1Sexy Bitch5th Jul 20131 Comments
2Car Problems5th Jul 20132 Comments
3Speed Freak5th Jul 20130 Comments
4Pew Pew5th Jul 20130 Comments
5I'm Sexy and I Know it5th Jul 20130 Comments
6Inanimate Relationship12th Jul 20131 Comments
7Breakthrough19th Jul 20130 Comments
8Pidgeons26th Jul 20130 Comments
9Beverage Intermission13th Sep 20130 Comments
10Just so you know20th Sep 20130 Comments
11BEER! 23rd Sep 20133 Comments
12Mid-conversation18th Oct 20130 Comments
13Sad day25th Oct 20132 Comments
14This was unexpected14th Nov 20131 Comments
15Legal...ri-ght.22nd Nov 20130 Comments
16Odd Noise30th Nov 20131 Comments
17Sexy Silhouette6th Dec 20130 Comments
18Happy FUCKING Easter17th Apr 20141 Comments
19Sleepless in...nevermind.23rd May 20141 Comments
20Whatever happened to...?31st May 20140 Comments
21Fly by Nacho7th Jun 20140 Comments
22Hanging around13th Jun 20141 Comments
23Upstaged Cosplay20th Jun 20141 Comments
24College Kids20th Jun 20141 Comments
25Tea Time Gentleman28th Jun 20140 Comments
26Munchie Road10th Jan 20152 Comments
27King weasel vs Walzilla28th Feb 20153 Comments
28Mexican man on fire2nd May 20153 Comments
29STARWARS!!!!!!4th May 20153 Comments
30A Normal Day18th Jul 20151 Comments
31walrus jump13th Sep 20151 Comments
32How could you?!?!20th Feb 20161 Comments
33Retaliation for the Children20th Feb 20161 Comments
34Booty Mags22nd Feb 20163 Comments
35Dun Dun DUNNNNNN!!26th Feb 20161 Comments
36Ode to the Beatles - animation test walk3rd May 20163 Comments
37owl blast7th May 20163 Comments
38space tea11th Aug 20161 Comments
39#@!King pants11th Aug 20161 Comments
40Samurai Pilla11th Aug 20161 Comments
41prostifruit11th Aug 20161 Comments
42Skanking Buiscut6th Sep 20161 Comments
43feature presentation21st Sep 20161 Comments
44Warrior Penguin 8th Oct 20161 Comments
45At the Theater6th Jun 20171 Comments
46Snackage Oppression8th Jun 20171 Comments
47Love me18th Sep 20171 Comments
48preview and news6th Mar 20181 Comments

The Platoon

49Ride the Walrus2nd Aug 20130 Comments
50Ride the Walrus 29th Aug 20131 Comments
51Stop! In the...Is that a Walrus?16th Aug 20131 Comments
52Explaination ala Ra23rd Aug 20130 Comments
53And they're off!30th Aug 20130 Comments
54The moral is...6th Sep 20130 Comments

Bagel Run a bagel. Don't ask
55Transform!27th Sep 20132 Comments
56Bagel Troubles4th Oct 20130 Comments
57Really?11th Oct 20131 Comments
58Victory10th Jan 20141 Comments

It's not what you think

59Wrong Turn13th Dec 20130 Comments
60Well Shit...27th Jan 20141 Comments
61Meh24th Feb 20140 Comments
62Did you really??4th Apr 20141 Comments

Truly a lord

63Do you remember?3rd May 20140 Comments
64Oh, come on!!10th May 20140 Comments
65Job Benefits19th May 20140 Comments

into the wild blue yonder

66And they're off3rd Jan 20151 Comments
67It lurks beneath the depths3rd Jan 20151 Comments
68Nom Nom...wait what?3rd Jan 20151 Comments
69Just dropping in3rd Jan 20151 Comments
70Why hello there3rd Jan 20151 Comments
71Hey now what's that sound3rd Jan 20151 Comments
72Mhmmmmm Dinner3rd Jan 20151 Comments
73Heartburn and Heartache3rd Jan 20151 Comments
74In the name of the weasel!!!3rd Jan 20151 Comments
75And they're back3rd Jan 20151 Comments

The falafel Saga

It's a fucking bazooka
76Ready set fire!x10th Jan 20151 Comments
77Falafels to all17th Jan 20150 Comments
78Shooting the Needy23rd Jan 20152 Comments
79Believe or be Falafel'd30th Jan 20152 Comments

valentines 2015

80getting ready for the date16th Feb 20150 Comments
81beautiful views16th Feb 20152 Comments
82guest comic: blind date16th Feb 20151 Comments

shower time

83Fancy Meeting you Here21st Feb 20151 Comments
84burn baby burn20th Mar 20153 Comments


85welcome all5th Apr 20151 Comments
86hmmm these seems like a cool shop5th Apr 20151 Comments
87magical distorted5th Apr 20151 Comments
88guest comic: working the holiday5th Apr 20151 Comments


89Mischief al la Ra12th Jan 20161 Comments
90Lets get the band together12th Jan 20161 Comments
91costume rehershal12th Jan 20161 Comments
92Waiting on the Guest of Honor12th Jan 20161 Comments
93The Power of Music12th Jan 20161 Comments

Gods and Mortals

94sales pitch22nd Jan 20161 Comments
95Horror Tails25th Jan 20161 Comments
96Weenies à la Ra26th Jan 20165 Comments

Nerf-This Special

97Monty's Munchies6th Feb 20161 Comments
98Taco Romance6th Feb 20161 Comments
99Oh, Chiliweasel6th Feb 20161 Comments

Weird Laws

100New Jersey 18th Mar 20163 Comments
101Vermont26th Mar 20161 Comments
102Aizona29th Apr 20160 Comments

Flying High

103Quack Quack23rd Apr 20161 Comments
104O'er the Mountain Range23rd Apr 20161 Comments

Attack of the Dipshits

105Drive by Retaliation5th May 20161 Comments
106Sweet Sweet Revenge5th May 20163 Comments
107Walking the Weasel6th May 20161 Comments

Sack of Brutality

108He Shouldn't Have Asked10th May 20161 Comments
10910 Points!!27th Jun 20161 Comments

Holiday Special

Turkey Boy and the Gravy Glob take out Santa Claus for pulling a Jack.
110Exploits of Turkeyboy and the Gravy Glob5th Nov 20171 Comments
111Home from the Holidays5th Nov 20171 Comments
112Grave News16th Nov 20171 Comments
113Disturbance18th Nov 20171 Comments
114Globby Glog Smash3rd Dec 20171 Comments
115Thus enters little Nicky5th Dec 20171 Comments
116Take 16th Dec 20171 Comments
117one for the memory books13th Dec 20171 Comments
118The Text that keeps on Giving14th Dec 20171 Comments

Chaos in the Classics Volume 1 - The Walrus and The Carpenter, by Lewis Carrroll

retelling of Carroll's poem featuring The Walrus and Chili Weasel that severed as an artistic challenge for Jacob.
119cover15th Feb 20191 Comments
120Credit and thanks15th Feb 20190 Comments
121i15th Feb 20190 Comments
122ii15th Feb 20190 Comments
123iii15th Feb 20190 Comments
124iv15th Feb 20190 Comments
125v15th Feb 20190 Comments
126115th Feb 20190 Comments
127215th Feb 20190 Comments
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132715th Feb 20190 Comments
133815th Feb 20190 Comments
134915th Feb 20190 Comments
1351015th Feb 20190 Comments
1361115th Feb 20190 Comments
1371215th Feb 20190 Comments
1381315th Feb 20190 Comments
1391415th Feb 20190 Comments
1401515th Feb 20190 Comments
1411615th Feb 20190 Comments
1421715th Feb 20190 Comments
1431815th Feb 20190 Comments
1441915th Feb 20190 Comments
1452015th Feb 20190 Comments
1462115th Feb 20190 Comments
1472215th Feb 20190 Comments
1482315th Feb 20190 Comments
1492415th Feb 20190 Comments
1502515th Feb 20190 Comments
1512615th Feb 20190 Comments
1522715th Feb 20190 Comments
1532815th Feb 20190 Comments
1542915th Feb 20190 Comments
1553015th Feb 20190 Comments
1563115th Feb 20190 Comments
1573215th Feb 20190 Comments
1583315th Feb 20190 Comments
1593415th Feb 20190 Comments
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1613615th Feb 20190 Comments
1623715th Feb 20190 Comments
1633815th Feb 20190 Comments
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1664115th Feb 20190 Comments
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1684315th Feb 20190 Comments
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1714615th Feb 20190 Comments
1724715th Feb 20190 Comments
1734815th Feb 20190 Comments
1744915th Feb 20190 Comments
1755015th Feb 20190 Comments
1765115th Feb 20190 Comments
1775215th Feb 20190 Comments
1785315th Feb 20190 Comments
1795415th Feb 20190 Comments
1805515th Feb 20190 Comments
1815615th Feb 20190 Comments
1825715th Feb 20190 Comments
1835815th Feb 20190 Comments
184xi15th Feb 20190 Comments
185xii15th Feb 20190 Comments
186xiii15th Feb 20190 Comments
187end15th Feb 20191 Comments